Pete Stathis

I met PETE STATHIS at a comics panel discussion at The Marvelous, a comics and record shop in West Philly (40th and Walnut Street). Pete's comic, EVENFALL, published by Slave Labor Graphics, is awesome! Check it out immediately!


 James Duncan

You know I love MAN-MAN! Here's a fantastic guest strip the guys did for me!


 Jamie Robertson

You know CLAN OF THE CATS is one of my favorite strips if you've looked at my Links page. Check out this wonderful rendition of Your Favorite Gargoyle!


 Lady Faith

Lady Faith has honored me with my first piece of fan art! Besides having great talent with ink -- and *great* taste in webcomics -- she has a site of her own, HEAVAN AND EARTH, which features a perceptive blend of comics and poetry. (Definitely a must-see.)


 J.W. Cornelius

I'm honored to have this wonderful drawing of Argus by J.W. Cornelius. He does some incredibly polished, funny comics over at 1999!, including Mooney the Turtle, Swing from the Tenth Planet, and Wolf and Sage. Dig that belly button!



You've seen TOONBOTS. You've marveled at the technical mastery behind this work. Then, you wonder: "I wonder if he can actually *draw*?" Michael tells the BACKSTORY better than I could.


 James Duncan

James is the co-creator of the MAN-MAN comic strip. He was nice enough to send along this terrific piece of art. To be honest, I hadn't seen his comic at that point, but I'm glad he wrote because it led me to discover another great webcomic. Check it out!


 Robin Reed

Robin does comics over at BARSTOW PRODUCTIONS. --Some of them are downright New Yorker-worthy. While you're over at Barstow Productions, be sure to check out "The Imp." It's a great read!


 Lord Emsworth

One of "Greystone's" top fans has decided to clebrate the 383rd anniversary of the Defenestration of Prague with some fan art.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking... yet another holiday falls to crass commercialism. Thems the breaks, buck-o.


 Jeff Kenwell

Jeff over at the BRECKEN CHRONICLESsent in this gorgeous tap-dancing Argus! As you might guess, his comic is beautifully rendered and very witty.


 Major Tom

The good Major is a long-time uberfan. He sent me this ages ago and I'm just getting around to posting it now. :(


Chopping Block


Chopping Block




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